Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Bad Habits Week Day 2: Soda or “Pop”

Another bad habit that can add up over the course of time is being a regular drinker of carbonated sodas or “pop” as it’s known in the area of my upbringing.  This is one bad habit I am guilty of myself. A 12 pack of 12 Oz Coca-Cola can run around $5.

If you drink two of these of week it comes to $10 per week. This adds up to $520 per year. At 10% per annum, which is the oft quoted historical compounded annual growth rate of the stock market this equates to $23,534.81 over a 40 year career span. A good stock picker may get 15%, which compounds that single $520 amount to $139,289.04 over the same amount of time. Time compounds any unnecessary expenditure.

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